An Activity for Truth-based Affirmations: Glamour Grammar

Here’s a great technique Bil and I use called Glamour Grammar. It is perfect to use to create quick affirmations, affirming the Truth of who you really are, anytime you are sensing yourself out of whack — in a diddlysquat order kind of experience. Here’s how it works:

  1. First, pause and take a few moments in the Silence (Seek ye first…), and reconnect with your awareness of Oneness;
  2. Next,  grab a notepad or your journal and write the alphabet down the left hand side of the page. Then, for each letter of the alphabet, brainstorm positive, powerful, even spiritual words. For example, for A you might use Awesome or Authentic; B could be Bodacious or Blessed; C might be Creative or Caring.
  3. Then create affirmations, using the words you selected and placing “I am…” in front of them. For example, I am Awesome; I am Bodacious; I am creative…
  4. Another piece of the code: Say these affirmations like you mean them! Put your zeal and energy behind the words! And then become aware of the energy flow you feel as you affirm the Truth of who you really are, and notice the change you experience in your ability to bring a sense of Order – Divine Order – to whatever you are doing.

By the way, this is particularly effective when you are stuck in traffic! Simply look at the license plates on the cars around you, and come up with positive words for the letters on those plates! Honest – it is transforming!


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