How to Use the Twelve Powers to PowerUP Your Life!

A Twelve Powers Review!

Understanding the purposes of each power can help you know, at any moment, in any situation, which ones to call upon to help you move through an experience with ease, grace, wisdom, and joy. Let’s do a quick review and see how they can help you as you move into 2011.

Deep Blue – FAITH – Call on this power when you need to stand in your Truth in the midst of challenging situations or times of doubt.

Pink – LOVE – Call on this power when you need to bring harmony to a situation or relationship. It is useful when you have difficult forgiving, or find yourself in the midst of chaos or conflict.

Spring Green – STRENGTH – Call on this power when you need to persist and stay the course; when you feel yourself wanting to give up.

Yellow – WISDOM – Call on this power when you need to evaluate or discern what the best course of action is for you.

Light Blue – IMAGINATION – Call on this power when you are looking for solutions to overwhelming problems, or when you are seeking new ideas.

Purple – DOMINION – This is your power to master or dominate. Use it when you want to call into manifestation your good.

Gold – UNDERSTANDING – Call on this power when you need to comprehend how to put what you know into practice.

Silver – WILL – This is your Spiritual Director, in charge of your power of choices! Call on this power to help you take action, choosing the highest and best!

Olive Green – ORDER – Call on this power when you need to bring balance and organization to a situation.

Russet – RELEASE – Call on this power when you need to let go of what is no longer serving you.

Orange – ZEAL – Call on this power when you want to instill passion and enthusiasm around a project or belief, or when you want to inspire others.

Red – LIFE – Call on this power to send healing energy throughout your body, or to bring new life to a project you are involved in.

As you move into 2011, we invite you to spend some quality time at Headquarters, and prepare to practice a very specific adventure that can guarantee you are living life and living it abundantly, as Jesus assured us we could. The secret is actually quite simple … but not so easy to implement! It involves taking one question, and keeping it uppermost in your mind at all times. Are you ready for the BIG question that can keep you on track, focused on living from your Spiritual Center of Being? To ensure LifeWorX at the highest level, we need to always be sure we are energizing and vitalizing our Christ nature.

Here’s the BIG question:

Am I showing up in this moment as my highest Christ self?

A corollary is:

If not, what do I need to change, right this moment, to shift to my highest Christ?

And every evening, as you review your day, invite these questions into your awareness: Did I show up as my highest Christ self in every situation? If not, how could I handle things differently NEXT TIME? And is there anything I need to do to make amends for anything I did today?

Christmas is a time for remembering that our job is to simply let our lights shine! As we celebrate the birth of the Christ Consciousness within us ~ and as we move from Christmas into a new year, let’s take that awareness with us, from a newer, more elevated level of Consciousness, knowing we have these incredible Powers to help us master the art of living, as we walk the Spiritual Path on practical, light-shining feet!


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