SEE-in-the-Field: Spiritual Enrichment Classes – June 20-24 + Bonus Class 6/26

SEE = Spiritual Education & Enrichment! June 20-24 ~ SEE-Raleigh, 2011

Please join us for a SEE-in-the-Field Week in Raleigh, NC, co-sponsored by our three Unity churches in the area: Unity Church of the Triangle; Unity Spiritual Life Center, Durham; and Unity Church of Raleigh. This is a wonderful opportunity to participate in one, or up to four different classes, each offered for 2-hours a day, for the week-long class! An amazing array of spiritual education and enrichment opportunities.

Here’s the link for more detailed information:

When you go to the link, you can download posters and tri-folds describing the event, along with registration forms.

This is our third SEE-in-the-Field, and we are very excited about continuing this great spiritual education tradition! This year we have added three opportunities for evening classes, to allow more working people to be able to attend!

Please tell everyone you know about SEE-Raleigh, and encourage them to attend! The week is scheduled for June 20-24with classes held at Unity Church of the Triangle in Raleigh, and a bonus class on Sunday, June 26 at Unity Spiritual Life Center, Durham.

Rev. Paul Hasselbeck, Dean of Spiritual Education & Enrichment at Unity Institute, will be joining us, offering:

  • Metaphysics 2, Part 1 and
  • Discover the Power Within You.

In addition, the following courses will be offered:

  • Bible Overview, Hebrew Scriptures (Ogun Holder);
  • Myrtle & Charles on Healing & Wholeness (Rev. Jennifer Holder);
  • Metaphysics 1, Part 1 (Revs. Bil & Cher Holton);
  • Prosperity (Ogun Holder);
  • Wisdom of the Heart (Rev. Neusom Holmes); and
  • Five Love Languages (Revs. Bil & Cher Holton).

Rev. Paul Hasselbeck will also be offering a BONUS class for 4 hours of SEE credit (or audit) on Sunday, June 26 at USLC, Durham, entitled PowerUP with Metaphysics: Another Metaphysical Romp with Paul Hasselbeck.

Feel free to direct your questions to Rev. Cher Holton at

Please join us in spreading the word about this incredible opportunity to earn SEE credits and meet up with like-minded folks right here in our sub-region! And we hope to “SEE” you there YOU too!


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