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PowerPoint Slides for First Class: The Search for the Historical Jesus

April 29, 2011

Jim Cox facilitated an excellent class which focused on the question: Did Jesus the man actually exist? He has shared the PowerPoint Slides he used, which you can review by clicking the link below.

Did Jesus Exist  (PowerPoint Slides)

The slides are great — but the class was even more exciting, and included a video, lively group discussion, and great commentary. We invite you to join us, as the class continues on Wednesday evenings through May 25th, from 7:00-9:00 pm.


Here’s What We’ve Been Doing in March, 2011

April 11, 2011

Adult Spiritual Education ~ Monthly Activity Report, March 2011

Wed., March 2 — USLC community Master Consciousness Session

Sun., March 13 — Integrative Healing Class, Healing in the Bible

Weds., March 16, 23,  30 — Keep a True Lent class (3 of 6 classes), led by Shawna Donaldson

Sun., March 27 — Class: Science & Spirituality of a Good Laugh, led by Dr. Eric Donaldson and Dr. Avery Henderson

===== Other Items of Interest =========

SEE preparation for SEE-Raleigh 2011.

Postings to Adult Spiritual Education Blog.

Planning for upcoming months!

Cher participated in a 2 Webinars for self-development focused on social networking and webinars.

Bil & Cher attended FLP Intensive at Unity Village, March 17-26.


Cher & Bil

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