The Positive Impact of Meditation: Feedback from the class

During our Potpourri of Meditation Techniques class, we practiced a Meditative Art meditation. The following poem emerged for Connie Miller as she participated in this activity, and by request of our class, she graciously agreed to allow us to share it here:

Release the past
Into the wind
Can't take control
Can't make amends
For what is past
For what's to follow
A bitter pill
Is hard to swallow
Embrace the new
The here the now
Relax, let go
Then you'll know how
(Connie Miller)

Thanks, Connie, for sharing your spontaneous expression from your meditative art experience.

Here is the technique, for those who would like to try it:

Meditative Art Meditation

 This is an excellent meditative experience, designed to help you better envision your hopes and desires, and gain insight and guidance from your Christ Center.

  1.  Gather together colored paper, pens, crayons, paints, and any other type of art media you desire. Lay them out in front of you, before you begin your meditation.
  2.  Determine the focus for your meditation. It might be a goal you have set for yourself, a challenge you are facing, or a vision you desire for a new direction in our life. Write your  focus in the center of your paper.
  3.  You may want to light a candle to signify your meditation time. Spend 5-10 minutes in silence, breathing deeply as you enter a meditative state, reflecting on the focus for your meditation. Do not force anything; simply reflect on your area of focus, remaining in a state of gratitude and joy as you remain in the quiet.
  4.  As you feel led, simply pick up a pen, crayon, or other art media available, and begin to write, draw, or doodle on your paper, expressing any feelings, expressions, or thoughts that come to you. As you need, add additional sheets of paper to your collection.
  5.  When you are finished, spend a few more minutes in the quiet, in gratitude for the guidance you have received.
  6.  After you come out of this meditative experience, spend time looking at what you drew, and reflect on what it says to you. It is extremely helpful to sit with another person, and describe what you have drawn; you will discover new meanings that you did not realize while you were drawing.
  7.  You may want to write about this experience in your journal, to help you capture the impact of the experience.

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