5 Ways to Sneak In a Meditation

Do you have a problem making time to meditate? Perhaps you find yourself multi-tasking, even in the midst of a meditation! Here are five quick ways to sneak a meditation into your daily routine, and as a result, experience a transformation in your life! Try each one at least three times, and see what works for you.

#1: Deliberately Move More Slowly. Make a conscious decision to deliberately do whatever it is you are doing at a slower pace. Simply imagine you are on a “Slo-Mo” setting. As you do whatever it is you are doing, begin to notice how your body feels as you move. Become aware of how your breathing changes as you slow your movements down. As you become more consciously aware of your being, spend a few moments in gratitude.

#2: Alphabetically Affirm. Run through the alphabet, creating a positive, affirming word for each letter. For example, Appreciative; Beautiful; Creative; Delightful, Enthusiastic… Then simply put the words “I am…” in front of each word and say it as an affirmation — and say it with FEELNG!

#3: Perform The Smile Exercise. Take a few deep breaths to focus and become consciously aware of yourself. Put all your attention on your face, with particular focus on the right and left sides of your mouth. Create a half smile by lifting only the right corner of your mouth. Notice how this feels. Bring it back to neutral, and lift only the left corner of your mouth. Again, pay attention to how this feels. Bring it back to neutral, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Now open your eyes and lift both corners of your mouth at the same time. Keep going until you have a huge smile, showing teeth proudly! Notice how this feels. Breathe deeply and spend a few minutes reflecting on everything you are grateful for in your life.

#4: Transform a Meal into a Meditation. As you sit down to eat, pause and look at your food. Appreciate the texture and colors of what is on your plate. Notice the way the food is arranged, and experience a sense of gratitude for its journey to become your meal. Eat slowly, with intention, becoming aware of how the food feels in your mouth, enjoying the taste of every bite. Allow your meal to become a time of quiet reflection and awareness.

#5: Make Joy Your Choice. As you become aware that you are dreading something (i.e., a meeting, a discussion with someone who is angry, a project that is difficult, a teacher conference, a home owners meeting, a doctor’s visit), take a moment and breathe deeply. As you become aware of your breathing, begin mentally affirming “I choose to do this with joy.” Continue repeating this mantra until you feel a shift in your heart center. Claim joy as your inner attitude, regardless of what it is you are facing.

These techniques may sound too simple to be profound, but you will be amazed at the difference each one can make as you move through your hectic day. Not only will you feel more centered and connected with Spirit, you will see a dramatic improvement in how effectively you are performing as well!


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