Eeny, Meeny, Miny, MORE! A Spiritual Enrichment Activity to Build Prosperity Consciousness

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, MORE! We all make thousands of choices every day, and all too often we make those choices by default rather than by intention. Just hang out at Starbucks, and you will realize that lots of people spend more energy and time choosing how they want their coffee fix than they do choosing how they want to experience their life! But it is time to turn that around! Over the years, we have learned one critically important lesson: It doesn’t really matter what your values are. It doesn’t even matter what your beliefs are—or your goals. What is truly important—what makes the difference—is each and every choice you make!

If that sounds a little harsh, let’s test it out. Do you believe–really believe—in the value of good health? Very wise!! Now, did you honestly make wise, healthy choices in every single thing you ate over the last week? [Very few people can say YES to this!] It’s one thing to believe in or value something—and quite another to make the choices that support those beliefs or values.

This is particularly true as we look at the power of our choices as they relate to our prosperity experience. We can SAY we believe we live in an abundant universe, that we always have everything we need at the point of need, that there is plenty to share and plenty to spare … but if our choices don’t support and feed those beliefs, we will not see them manifest in our life! In order to experience the highest, most elevated manifestation of our spiritual laws of prosperity and abundance, we need to make conscious choices, with serious intention. So here’s our Spiritual eeny, meeny, miny, MORE approach:

  • Eenychoose to look at your current situation, and acknowledge the facts.
  • Meeny — choose to deny emotional power to the negative facts.
  • Miny — Choose to approach the situation from Truth Principles.
  • MORE — Choose to Think Prosperously, Speak Prosperously, and Act Prosperously.

Let’s look at an example so you know what we mean. Let’s suppose you go through an experience that leaves you with a large debt. What you DON’T want to do is ignore the fact that you have a debt, say a few positive affirmations, and then go out and buy a new car because you “believe you are living in an abundant flow that will always provide for you.” This is not only irresponsible — it is what we lovingly call metaphysical malpractice! Choosing to Think Prosperously, Speak Prosperously, and Act Prosperously does NOT mean you go around with rose colored glasses, in total denial of what may be happening in your world of appearance! It means acknowledging the facts of your current situation, then planting your feet firmly in the ground of Truth to deal with it from a Consciousness of our Spiritual Prosperity Principles.

So, let’s make a wiser choice and apply our “Eeny, Meeny, Miny, MORE” Spiritual approach:

Eenychoose to look at your current situation, and acknowledge the facts. (One of my favorite quotes: “Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored!”) So the facts in our example case might be: I am currently in debt and have three credit cards maxed out! My current income does not cover the amount of all my monthly payments. My car is old, unreliable, and barely adequate.

Meeny — choose to deny emotional power to the negative facts. Here, in our example case, the individual could say: “While I realize what my situation is, I refuse to give any power or energy to the consciousness of lack. Worry and fretting do nothing to help the situation, so I let those emotions go!”

Miny — Choose to approach the situation from Truth Principles. Eric Butterworth so aptly says in Spiritual Economics, (p. 80), “Where you are in Consciousness has everything to do with what you see in experience…. to pray for prosperity out of a sense of complaint or discouragement is to effectively compound the problem.” So our person in our example case could spend time examining their level of Consciousness, and call on their 12 Divine Powers for help; they can stand in the Truth of the Law of Giving and Receiving, acknowledging their awareness of the power of gratitude, regardless of outer appearance.

MORE — Choose to Think Prosperously, Speak Prosperously, and Act Prosperously as you move through your current situation with Divine Wisdom and Understanding. Choosing to THINK prosperously is actually the foundation for everything else, because if you don’t think prosperously, you cannot authentically speak or act prosperously. (This is why people so often claim their affirmations don’t “work.” Actually, affirmations always work, in that our outer experience reflects the energy of our thinking. Every thought and word is a reflection of what we are giving energy to — so if you give 90% of your energy to error thinking and negative talk (whining, complaining, discussions about how bad things are…), and then throw in 10% positive affirmations, why would you be surprised when your experience outpictures in the negative way? I’m just saying . . .)

So, in our example case, the individual might spend time at Headquarters, solidifying their awareness  of Oneness with Divine Truth. Then, whenever they notice their thoughts being affected by outer appearances, they can immediately call upon Truth principles to pull their thinking back into alignment.

We aren’t saying it’s easy – but we are saying it’s possible!

Next is choosing to speak prosperously, from a consciousness of abundance. For example, instead of saying “I can’t afford that” try saying “I choose to use my money in another way.” Remove the word “only” from your vocabulary: Instead of “I only have $10 till the end of the month” say “I have $10 till the end of the month.” Instead of “I only have 2 days of vacation time left” say “I have 2 days of vacation time left!” Hear (and feel) the difference? Instead of reflecting on your debt, talk about your dreams and gifts, and how you are moving forward. You are not ignoring the facts — just choosing to see them in a different perspective!

Finally,  look for ways to ACT prosperously. This doesn’t mean going out spending money you don’t have. It means that in the midst of experiencing an “ebb” rather than a “flow” you continue to believe in your future prosperity. Focus on your abundance rather than your lack; pay gladly to reduce your debt in any way you can; forgive yourself if you feel badly about the debt you have incurred; give thanks for your worth — and never, ever confuse your net worth with your self worth!

Jesus as the Christ said, “I have come that you might have life, and have it more abundantly!” From a spiritual perspective, this means that when we align our human self with the Divine Truth of who we really are, we live at the speed of our Christ Consciousness and are always standing in the flow of Divine Abundance. We truly do have everything we need, and more! Our abundance flows through us, and we generously give and receive. When we experience anything other than this Truth, it is a signal to us to go back to square one, and say with conviction, “Eeny, Meeny, Miny, MORE!” And as we choose to Think Prosperously, Speak Prosperously, and Act Prosperously, we will experience transformation as we walk the spiritual path on practical, prosperous feet!


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