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Jan. 11 ~ Create Your 2012 Dreamscape / Vision Poster

December 31, 2011

Create Your 2012 Dreamscape / Vision Poster ~ 7-9 pm, January 11

Join facilitator Rev. Cher Holton and create your visual poster of what you want to achieve in 2012. Dreamscapes (also known as Treasure Maps, Vision Boards, and Goal Pictures) are a fun, creative way to put your dreams and goals into a visual format, so you can amp up the power of your affirmations with pictures. We will provide poster paper, glue, markers, and magazines. Feel free to  bring your own magazines to share with others, as we create together and enter 2012 with gusto!


January 18 and 25 ~ Visions of a Universal Humanity Viewing and Discussion

December 31, 2011

Visions of a Universal Humanity ~ 7-9 pm, Jan. 18 and 25

Sponsored by the Adult Spiritual Education Ministry and the Integrative Healing Ministry. In this 2-part session, we will be viewing the DVD, Visions of a Universal Humanity, featuring Barbara Marx Hubbard. This film brings together some of the finest minds of our time to reveal a positive future for humanity.

About the Video:

Hidden beneath the breakdowns of modern society are breakthroughs that herald a radically new human condition. While most of these breakthroughs are small, yet vital incremental changes, others are clearly significant new capacities that can fundamentally change our lives forever.

When we view these new capacities with ‘evolutionary eyes’ as the culmination of humanity’s 14 billion year journey from the Big Bang to where we are now, the design or pattern beneath the physical world that activates the continuous emergence of greater consciousness, freedom and order in the universe comes into sharper focus. In essence, we discover the hidden ‘Code of Evolution’.

In the pre-scientific era, this Code has been revealed by mystics for millennia. Western traditions have alluded to the last days and intimations of a new life after death as ‘a new heavens and a new earth; a new Jerusalem; Paradise’. Now, inVISIONS, we make visible and viable the mystery of the next stage of human evolution as we present the 21st century’s potential for the next stage of life based on the harmonious use of our new capacities in the spiritual, social and scientific realms.

VISIONS touches the ‘transcendent yearnings’ of life itself within us; life that when it hits a limit to its own growth either goes extinct or innovates and transforms itself as it repeatedly has done during our great 14 billion year tradition. In VISIONS, futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard will bring together some of the greatest minds of our time to reveal the potential for the next stage of human evolution, the next turn on the spiral of ‘Our Story’. VISIONS will take us across the ‘evolutionary gap’ from here — a warring, polluting, over-populating species on the brink of self destruction, to there, — a cocreative, universal humanity at the dawn of the first Universal Age of Conscious Evolution, a future filled with infinite possibilities.

Featured on the video:

Barbara Marx Hubbard, Visionary Futurist

Dr. Chris Bach, Professor of Philosophy & Religion

Rev. Michael Dowd, Evolutionary Theologian

Freeman Dyson, Physicist Institute for Advanced Study

James N. Gardner, Complexity Theorist

Nassim Harmein, Unified Theory Physicist

Dr. Jean Houston, Scholar Philosopher

Dr. Bruce H. Lipton, Cellular Biologist

Dr. Gregory Stock, Biophysicist

Rick Tumlinson, Space Visionary

Monthly Report, November 2011

December 12, 2011

Adult Spiritual Education ~ Monthly Activity Report, November 2011

November 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 ~ continuation of 12-week Artist’s Way Book Study Class

November 6 ~ David Hiller Workshop: Now is the Time to Do Greater Things

November 7 ~ Counseling Sessions with David Hiller

November 13 ~ Energy Healing Class

===== Other Items of Interest =========

Postings to Adult Spiritual Education Blog

Created Description and completed contract for June Conference by Unity Worldwide Ministries.

Created handouts to accompany November talks

Prep and planning for December





Cher & Bil


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The Power of Forgiveness

December 2, 2011

Forgiveness remains one of the most challenging acts we are called upon to make ~ yet it can truly transform us at our very core. One of the main reasons we believe forgiveness appears to be so difficult is because we have a misconception that it’s about the other person. Are you ready for the Truth? Forgiveness is the one time you can honestly say, “It’s all about me!”

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic report that harboring negative feelings and thoughts or holding a grudge can contribute to heart disease, increased blood pressure, muscle tension, and other ailments — and can trigger mental health problems as well (i.e., depression and addictive behaviors). Louis Hay, in her best-seller, Heal Your Body, reports that the cause of most diseases in the body are criticism, anger, resentment, and guilt. When we hold on to anger or resentment, we are giving our power away. Eric Butterworth says, “It is a Cosmic Truth that you are tied to the person or thing you hate.” What if we used that same energy and channeled it toward good? Duke Ellington said, “I simply used the energy it took to pout and wrote the blues!” The act of forgiveness releases great healing and creative powers.

Here is an amazing YOUtube video that captures the essence of the power of forgiveness:

What if we could create a habit of forgiveness ? Just imagine ~ not just moving from Bitter to Better, but bypassing Bitter altogether!! How can we do it? Here’s a formula you can use every day!!

RECOGNIZE IT: You can’t fix something if you don’t know it’s broken! Every day, do an “emotional scan” to discover any thoughts you are harboring that run counter to Truth. These are any thoughts that see anything other than the Christ in someone. Own the thought, because you need to own it before you can deal with it. So, recognize the feeling within you, and move beyond the rationalizations and justifications, and see it for what it is.

RELEASE IT: Let us be clear, we are not asking you to forget it. That is unrealistic. But we CAN forgive and release. This is the power of a choice you make!

You can verbalize it: I forgive you, (name) and release you to your highest good! You may even want to write that statement down several times, until you actually believe it. You may need to perform a symbolic act of release: write it out and bury it; do a burning bowl; write a letter and shred it.

Release does not mean you condone the act, nor that you have to be the person’s friend. It has nothing to do with whether they even accept your forgiveness  or even if you tell them. It could even involve a person who has already made their transition. The act of forgiveness simply means you release the attachment you have to what has happened.

REFRAME YOUR THINKING: From this point on, when you find a resentment or anger beginning to build, deal with it immediately. One way to reframe is this: As soon as  you hear yourself make a judgment, such as “He should not have done that to me” immediately follow up with the words, “… and I …” then complete with a positive, Truth-based action, such as “…and I choose to let it go.” Another example:  “She shouldn’t act that way … and I forgive her and behold her Christ within.” And another:  “My parents should have done a better job … and I know they did the best they could with what they knew at the time!”

This brings you back to a focus of your power to choose your reaction, and remember no one has power over you unless you give it to them!

You can transform your entire life when you practice the amazing power of forgiveness, and make it your decision to move from Bitter to Better — right here and now!

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