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An Ash Wednesday Fasting/Feasting Meditation

March 6, 2012

Take a moment to think about something in your life you want to fast from:

  • A physical pain or illness?
  • An emotion that is destructive?
  • A self-defeating belief or attitude?
  • An anxiety that disturbs you?
  • The disappointments of a relationship?
  • A fear or grudge that is holding you?

You may think of several things, but for this meditation, just pick one specific thing – something that, if you truly fasted from it, it would make a huge impact on your Truth walk.

Now, close your eyes and take a nice, slow, relaxing breath that starts from deep within the center of your being and is drawn slowly and rhythmically into your lungs. Then exhale slowly. Again … and once more …

Now, imagine yourself on a beautiful, quiet, clean beach, on a nice warm day. The ocean is warm and gentle in the cove where you have come to spend some time. Listen to the easy rhythm of the waves as you walk along the shoreline.

This is a calm and private place; the silence is broken only by ocean sounds. You are safe here. It is a place of peace, rest, and healing. Relax now in a comfortable position here on this beach, and enjoy the softness of the sand, the gentleness of the breeze, and the warmth of the sun. Relax, and be at peace . . .

Now, ever so gently, allow yourself to recall that thing you decided to fast from. Just quietly allow the awareness of it to come into your mind. As you think of it, give it a shape — some physical shape. Use whatever comes to mind first. It could be round like a ball; square like a block; linear like a piece of string; if it is liquid, pour it into some kind of container, so it takes that shape.

Focus on the shape of this thing.

Get a sense of its size . . .

Notice its color . . .

What is its texture?

Does it have any aroma?

Take time to visualize it so you know it very well! Now imagine you have the magical capability to change the size of this thing. No matter what size it was, stare at it now, and as you are watching, it begins to shrink in size until it can fit into the palm of your hand.

Hold it in your hand, and become aware of the fact that this thing you want to release is no longer inside you; it is no longer a part of you.

Place this thing on the sand, and step away from it now. Look again at its size, and now begin to dig a hole in the sand. Enjoy the feeling of your hands digging into the soft, warm sand, making a nice large hole, deeper than the size of the thing you are releasing. Feel the immense excitement and anticipation welling up within you as you carefully and joyfully create this hole.

Now lovingly go and pick up the item you want to release. Remember the details about what it was, and take a moment now to say “Thank You” for however it served you, even if you do not understand what that is.

Now gently place this thing you are releasing into the hole you created. Beside the hole, magically has appeared a lighter and a bottle of lighter fluid. Take some time to douse this shape you have created out of what you are releasing – douse it good! Now, use the lighter to ignite what is no longer a part of you, and watch as it is reduced to ashes. Once it has become ashes, and they cool a bit, scoop the ashes up and release them to the air, allowing the breeze to scatter the ashes over the sandy beach.

Know that the thing you would be rid of is beneath the sand, that it has been burned, purified, and released into the Universe as new energy, serving good!

And now, reach down and scoop the sand over the hole, refilling it, smoothing the sand until even the traces of your fingertips disappear. And now, with another cleansing breath, begin walking away from this spot, along the shoreline, focusing on the beauty of this spot and the incredible joy within your being!

As you walk, take a few minutes to visualize what your life is like without that concern or issue or emotion that you released. What are you doing differently? How are you enjoying life? How are you experiencing the freedom of your release?

Allow yourself to experience that wonderful feeling, knowing it is now a part of the Truth of you. Take a few deep breaths as you bring your Consciousness back to this place, knowing that the white heat of Spirit has left the ashes of that error thought, attitude, belief, habit, or fear behind as a residue of your spiritual growth.

As you feel ready, take another breath, and gently open your eyes.


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